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Topics For About Me Essay - Have a Good Time Writing It

Topics For About Me Essay - Have a Good Time Writing ItWhen writing a subject for about me essay, you need to make sure that you are selecting the topics that will show your love and interest. Keep in mind that this is not the time to be silly. For example, if you want to write about how someone is inspiring you, then choose a topic that is filled with strong emotions such as love, grief, and happiness. On the other hand, if you want to write about how you are changing the world, you can do so by choosing topics that are extremely useful.Writing about yourself in this way will help you get a better feel of what it is like to be you. This will also make your essay more personal since the people reading it will get to know your innermost thoughts. Some of the topics for about me essay will give information about you in the form of your achievements. You can also use a title in this manner to give the reader a hint on what is about to come. Another good way to include a title in the top ic is to use a keyword related to the topic.Some topics for about me essay are about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, and what is interesting about you. There are certain subjects that you will want to avoid because they can cause too much confusion to the reader. This is why it is important that you analyze the kind of information that is needed before you decide on what subject to use.Topics for about me essay are very general and open ended. The reason for this is that the essay is supposed to go into the reader's mind to help him or her find out more about you. Thus, the theme is not just going to stay at one subject, but rather a theme of a subject about you. In order to do this, you have to decide the themes for the different subjects. This is where you will find the topics for about me essay that best suit you.One of the best ways to focus on the topics for about me essay is to use your personal story. All you have to do is to write a personal story and use it to connec t with the reader. As a result, the topic is more specific than a generic one. However, there are other essays that do not allow the theme of the topic to be placed. That is why it is important that you do research when deciding on the topic. This can give you a better understanding of what the theme is and what it is going to be.In writing the essay, the most important thing is to make sure that you include enough information in the essay. Otherwise, the essay will be quite boring. Another thing that you can do is to cut your topics for about me essay into more manageable chunks. You do not have to add an unnecessary paragraph to the essay since there are some topics that you do not need. However, you do not want to omit any information from the essay either. You can make a conclusion to the essay and conclude on the things that you can do to improve yourself.Making the essay an enjoyable read is another important aspect that you have to keep in mind. If it is, you will not only en joy the essay, but you will also enjoy the process. In fact, making it a worthwhile exercise will motivate you to write the next one even more.

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Analysis Of The Film The Feather - 990 Words

ening scene, contributes to the tone of the entire movie.From right the beginning of the film, the feather is already floating around in theair. This white feather is a symbolic object that counts as a sign. The whiteness of itseems to show the purity and innocence Forrest has, and his enthusiastic personality,where he is determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill his own, and his friends andfamiliesî€  dreams. It also seem to symbolize the famous quote that his mom always said,Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youî€ re gonna get.î€Æ' With thefeather floating to random places, e.g. on top of cars, on peopleî€ s shoulders, on thefloor It shows how random life can be, and how no one ever knows what lies in theirpath of life, what obstacles they will have to overcome, and what their destiny is.A very interesting effect the feather is shot from in the opening scene is that it isa extreme long shot of different parts of the town, allow ing the audience to adapt thesetting of the film into their minds, whilst the feather is shot from multiple angles,sometimes close up, and sometimes using medium shots. With the words and the townbackground, the feather interestingly, is still the focal point of the whole shot, andunintentionally, your eyes follow wherever it is going even when the background ischanged drastically.When the feather is shot in the sky, it is from a low angle, which shows theimportance of it as a sign, so it feels as if the feather is superior to theShow MoreRelatedForrest Gump : Active Video Note Taking, Questions, And Analysis Paper1154 Words   |  5 PagesActive Video Note-taking, Questions, and Analysis Paper Directions: Now that we have practiced, implemented, and analyzed the first two standards in the Common Core Reading for Literature 9-10, students will attempt to apply these skills to another medium: a film. The class will watch Forrest Gump, and when finished, compose a detailed analysis based on both of the skills or standards that were instructed: Standard 9-1: Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says. Standard 9-2:Read MoreMusic Analysis : The Feather Theme1608 Words   |  7 PagesMusic Analysis Term 3 Natasha Phipps Final Music can be extraordinarily influential in films, as it has the ability to evoke emotion not displayed by on-screen action. Music used in films can play many roles; it can depict time and place, mood, atmosphere, character, and can be used to underscore the onscreen drama and titles. Alan Silvestri and John Williams successfully manipulate the use of music in film to establish characters (along with their personality, actions and changing emotions), asRead MoreFeather Girls - Analysis and Interpretation1169 Words   |  5 PagesFeather girls - analysis and interpretation The short story feather girls by Claire Massey, from 2010 is a very imaginary and well written story, which leaves you behind with the sensation of unknowing. I believe the text has a very deep meaning to it, which I will try to find. In the short story we meet a man called Bill. We can see from the text, that Bill is old A collection of regulars cluttered the bar, all grey haired men similar age to him. Bill has a wife, who he does not see veryRead MoreAnalysis of Western Film Essay524 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of Western Film introduction The two films we chose were dances with wolves starring Kevin costner it was made in 1990 and the searchers starring john Wayne it was made in 1950 they both show native Americans been represented in different ways. The searchers Native Americans are portrayed as being stupid for swapping a woman for a hat with a feather in it. In the movie we see a native American man giving a man a woman and taking a hat withRead MoreDefining Socially Conscious Film Making Essay1311 Words   |  6 Pagesof being labeled as rebel rousers? (Those with financial means can be exempted.) Do we choose not to rock the institutional boat for fear of biting the hand that may feed us? Are we exempt from the social responsibilities that our progressive films champion because the ends justify the means? The system is not working. And while it may be seemingly impossible to change, this does not absolve us of our responsibility to critically examine a system that, like many others in our global economyRead MoreThe Parasites Infecting The Common House Sparrow2922 Words   |  12 Pagesspecimens were collected from Khartoum State during April 2014 using a mist net. All samples were subjected to the physical examination and all presented with normal feather, head, beak, margin of eyelids, bottom of the feed, legs and wings. Seven specimens were screened for blood parasites using Giemsa stained thin peripheral blood films collected from the toenail after clipping it using a clean scissor. Apicomplexa malaria parasites Leucocytozoon were detected in blood of (NUMBER and % OF BIRDS PLEASE)Read MoreAnalysis Of Claude Levi Strauss s Black As Slacker Dewey Finn 1602 Words   |  7 Pageslanguage and sought to understand their underlying grammar. This he believed centered on pairs of opposite ideas, held by the culture, but creating tension within it — the raw and the cooked, the sacred and the profane, and so on. School of Rock, a 2003 film starring Jack Black as slacker Dewey Finn, shows the tension between a truly American pair of opposites: laziness vs. hard work. While in other mythologies it is a trickster character who mediates between these opposites, the nature of this AmericanRead MoreAnalysis Of The Tomb Painting Queen Nefertari And Isis981 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of the tomb painting Queen Nefertari and Isis, by an unknown artist. Pigment painting on tomb walls. Queen and Goddess In this formal analysis, the subject is the wall painting Queen Nefertari and Isis, located in Nefertaris’ tomb. The painting shows the ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis â€Å"leading† the Queen by the hand. Nefertari lived around 1300-1255 BC and was the first and exclusively claimed wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. When analyzing the artwork one can see the influence ofRead MoreFilm Analysis Of The Shawshank Redemption1696 Words   |  7 PagesShawshank Redemption is directed by Frank Darabot, published in 1995 Australia. The film focusses on the theme of forgiveness and escape. It follows an unusual friendship between Andy and Red set in a 1930’s American prison. The main focal scenes explored include: Brooks suicide and Tommy’s death. The film is to be narrated by Morgen Freeman (Red), it shows the 20 year period of Andy’s imprisonment. As a part of the analysis emphases on the scenes as it introduces the audience to the Shawshank prison andRead MoreForrest Gump Movie: An Analysis1719 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Forrest Gump Movie: An Analysis Forrest Gump (film 1994), is an American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis, narrated and starred by Tom Hanks. The story revolved around a slow-witted but exceptionally gifted person, Forrest Gump, who happened to have participated to the many significant events that occurred in the later period of the 20th century, from 1945 to 1982. The plot started in a bus stop where Forrest Gump shared his life story with strangers who sat beside him

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Marriage and Respect in The Awakening and The Revolt of...

The novel, The Awakening, and the short story, â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother,’† both stories have women that are not respected by their husbands. Both of the women, Edna Pontellier and Sarah Penn, have husbands who do not respect them, but they fight back in different ways. Their battles shows the differences between these two women from an earlier and less accepting time. They are both strong willed characters. They both believe strongly enough in themselves that they will go to the extremes. Sarah moves out of her house. As does Edna, and they both do so against their husband’s wills. Neither of their husbands wants to have their wives move out of their houses, but they both do so and even go as far as to move their stuff with them. Edna only†¦show more content†¦Sarah and her children discuss problems on the farm. This is because Sarah is lower than Edna on the social ladder. Sarah may not be poor, but she is not wealthy like the Pontelliers and t hus must work. This makes her a much more necessary part of the household. So her choices and opinion are much more valued to her family then Edna’s opinions would be to her family. Edna may be able to do things that Sarah cannot do, such as throw dinner parties, or even attend them, but because Sarah works she gets more respect and does not have to end up committing suicide like Edna does. The communication between the women and their husbands was very much a problem. Edna and Sarah both could not talk to their husbands. Neither of them get what they want by just asking for it. Edna may not have asked, neverless she was still shot down. When she began her move, and â€Å"When Mr. Pontellier learned of his wife’s intention to abandon her home and take up a residence elsewhere, he immediately wrote her a letter of unqualified disapproval and remonstrance.(Chopin 100)† In comparison to when Sarah asked her husband all he told he was no. She would question him on h is motives, but all he would say was, â€Å"I ‘aint got nothin’ to say.(Wilkins)† Both of the men’s responses seem very unfair. Leonce just tells her that her actions are inappropriate and to stop being herself, which is a very controlling thing to do and shows his darker side. While Adoniram will not evenShow MoreRelatedEssay about Restrictions of Society in The Awakening2019 Words   |  9 Pages Edna Pontellier’s Struggle for Freedom in The Awakening by Kate Chopin In Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening, the constant boundaries and restrictions placed on Edna Pontellier by society will lead to her struggle for freedom and her ultimate suicide. Her husband Leonce Pontellier, the current women of society, and the Grand Isle make it evident that Edna is trapped in a patriarchal society. Despite these people, Edna has a need to be free and she is able to escape from the society that sheRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of Alice Walker And Visual Artist1523 Words   |  7 Pagestime, Alice Walker was accidentally injured in the right eye and one of her brothers opened fire and she lost her right eye, She lost her baby because of sad, She experienced several painful periods of wanting to commit suicide and two times failed marriages; For Van Goth, his life is going down, often need his brother Theo help of the economy, and Van Gogh suffered from mental illness tortured, he became irritable, suspicious, easy to hear the sound in the ears to tell the grotesque story. And he tookRead MoreEssay on The Plague an Authentic Interpretation3794 Words   |  16 Pagestotalitarian menace and the Christian tradition is still philosophically obsolete. Camus finds the solution in his idea of `revolt that has already made its appearance in the figures like Sisyphus and Meursault through their attitude of defiance in the face of death. But their personal experience of defiance is not a true `revolt because it can do nothing. By making a revolt against the authority, a man recognizes by his first movement of refusal the existence of an inviolable frontier that he willRead MoreFreedom Fighters of India11786 Words   |  48 PagesIndia in 1869. He was the son of Karamchand Gandhi, the diwan (Chief Minister) of Porbandar, and Putlibai, Karamchand’s fourth wife (his previous three wives had died in childbirth), a Hindu of the Pranami Vaishnava order. Growing up with a devout mother and surrounded by the Jain influences of Gujarat, Gandhi learned from an early age the tenets of non-injury to living beings, vegetarianism, fasting for self-purification, and mutual tolerance between members of various creeds and sects. He was bornRead MoreMetz Film Language a Semiotics of the Cinema PDF100902 Words   |  316 Pagesmethodologically related to the identification of a relevant feature (trait pertinent), i.e., the concrete feature, or quality, of a given linguistic or semiological component distinguishing that component from the set of components identical to it in all respects save one: they do not possess the revelant feature. Consequently, identification of the relevant feature results in the establishment of a new, unique, objective category. xvi A NOTE ON TERMINOLOGY (noyeau semique) and are, therefore, semantic

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Ethics for Managers

Question: Discuss about theEthics for Managers. Answer: Introduction Business ethics is the ethical behavior and certain rules, norms that the business units have to follow. Businesses have to face various issues and ethical problems where some are solvable while few are not. Business ethics is the study of the activities that are controversial in nature, such as corporate governance, trading, discrimination and corporate social responsibility. The issues of the right and wrong are addressed in the study of business ethics (DesJardins and McCall 2014). The main purpose of the report is to focus on a business sector and the ethics of the business. The author in this sector discusses the challenges that the business sector has to face regarding the business ethics. The author focuses on the ethical issues that the sector face, its sustainability focus and the major stakeholders of the sector. The author chooses education sector to evaluate and analyze the business ethics. Business ethics play a very important role in any sector. The author elaborates th e ways managing business sector has helped the sector and the factors that are driving the education sector to manage business ethics effectively (Slade and Prinsloo 2013). Analysis of the Sector The author chooses education sector as the business sector to address the business ethics within the sector. Ethical Issues in Education Sector Education is the most important sector that should be handled with care, as it is responsible for spreading and imparting knowledge. It is the responsibility of the education sector to help the individuals spread positivity. Education sector has to face various ethical issues and concerns that affect not only students and teachers but also the entire education system. Ethical practices are an essential part of the organization (Floyd et al. 2013). Ethical issues faced by education sector are: Corruption in education- Corruption has a negative impact on the society and education system. There are various implications of corruption. Corruption leads to decrease in quality of service, decion making process, reduces efficiency and increases transaction cost. Corruptions in education system take various forms. Making illegal payments while seeking admission in schools or universities by students is one of the ethical issues that the education sector faces. The other form of corruption is bribery where the teachers bribe the management to be recruited in the system (Hartman et al. 2014). Corruption lowers the quality of education and is against the rules and regulations which is one of the serious ethical issues that education sector has to face. Discrimination- Many education sectors recruits the students based on caste, color, creed and sex. Racial discrimination is one of the serious ethical issues that the education sector faces. Many students come from diverse fields to seek admission. If the education sector follows discrimination policy then it is difficult for the students to get admission in any school or university. The children with disability also fail to seek admission in education sectors (Okpara 2014). Discipline issues- the third type of ethical issues faced by education sector is discipline issues where the students indulge in actions that are not favorable. In order to avoid such type of unethical behavior the management should take care of the ethics and norms that are being violated. Sustainability Focus of the Education Sector Sustainable development is a process of using the scarce resource efficiently so that it is available in future generation without hampering the current development and growth. It is essential for the education sector to be sustainable in nature in order to ensure future development. The children at schools should be taught on sustainable development so that they are able to spread positivity (Weiss 2014). Corporate responsibility is engaging in social responsibilities that influence the world. Sustainability means balancing an equal approach between different activities that includes social challenges, economic activities, environment activities and other activities. Sustainability means meeting the challenges of present challenges ensuring that the future generation also get the same kind of lifestyle (Blewitt and Cullingford 2013). It is the duty of every corporate sector specially the education sector to influence the society in a positive way. This includes meeting the needs of the people. In case of education sector the system is responsible for imparting good education to society so that in future they influence the society in a positive way. Ethics are the rules and regulation set to ensure good and ethical behavior (Hoffman et al. 2014). The teachers and other staff members of the society should be treated well so that they are able to deliver the best quality education to its students. Holding integrity and remaining accountable for their actions is essential for the business sectors. Analyzing the culture if various institutes is essential for effective management of the business. Major Stakeholders in the Education Sector Stakeholders are the people or organizations that are attached to the concerned business in some way or the other. The stakeholders of the education sector are teachers, students and the mangers that are responsible for managing the administration. Education sector is such a system that has large group of stakeholders with different ideas and opinions. To ensure that the sector is indulged in ethical practices all the stakeholders should be ethical in its practice and behavior. Education sector is a system that cannot indulge in any unethical behavior (Jackson 2015). It is the stakeholders in tat education system that indulges in an unethical behavior that disrupts the functioning of an entire system. It is the duty of the administrators to guide the teachers so that they are able to fulfill the task of education. The ethics of the teachers, students and administrators does not only restrict within the school premises but also stretch beyond that. Factors that Drive Education Sector to Manage Business Ethic Effectively Various factors drive organizations to manage its business ethics effectively. If any sector violates the rules then the brand name of the organization falls. The parents would not like to send their children in schools where the system itself violates the rules and ethical standards. It is essential for the sectors to maintain its organizational integrity. If the teachers maintain ethics and comply with standards then it will have a positive impact on students. Ethical standards reflect the attitudes, beliefs, name, cooperation and culture of the sector. Education sector should is responsible for management of entire society. Therefore, it is essential for the education sector to manage the work efficiently (Noddings 2013). Teachers are the givers of knowledge while the students are takers. It is the responsibility of the student to behave and maintain discipline in order to maintain the decorum of education system. Effect of Managing Business Ethics Effective management of the business ethics helps the business build a good reputation. It creates and influences the society in a positive way. The executives that ignore the business ethics run the risk of corporate and personal liability. Ethics play an important role in organizations. The success and failure of the organization is determined through the ethical practices and behaviors that the organization is indulged in. The administrators have the power to manage the tough situation effectively if they are indulged in ethical practices. In future, they have to face fewer problems. Parents start trusting the institutes and expect the children to come out with excellence. The future of students depends on the quality of education that they get. The activities and decisions depend on the ethical standards and practices (Natale and Doran 2012). Ethical philosophy and practice affects the reputation, productivity, and the business as a whole. An ethical practice helps in creating an ethical organizational culture. The morale of workers is boosted due to ethical practice and behavior. The productivity of the organization and so does its retention rate. Increase in productivity is beneficial for the sector as it boosts the financial condition of the firm. The overall efficiency of the firm increases creating a positive environment for work (Peters 2015). Conclusion Business ethic is the set of rules and conditions that help the organization indulge in an ethical behavior and practice. Managing business ethics is essential to increase the efficiency and productivity of the firm. There are various challenges and ethical issues that the education sector has to face. These include corruption, discipline issues, discrimination, behavior and educational issues. Ethical issues cannot be completely erased but it can definitely be reduced. Motivation and leadership are the two driving factors that motivate students and teachers to work effectively and efficiently. Management of ethics leads to a sustainable practice. The stakeholders of the organization play an important role. Administrators of the organization should guide the teachers and students so that they are able to fulfill the objective of education. References Blewitt, J. and Cullingford, C., 2013.The sustainability curriculum: the challenge for higher education. Earthscan. DesJardins, J.R. and McCall, J.J., 2014.Contemporary issues in business ethics. Cengage Learning. Floyd, L.A., Xu, F., Atkins, R. and Caldwell, C., 2013. Ethical outcomes and business ethics: Toward improving business ethics education.Journal of business ethics,117(4), pp.753-776. Hartman, L.P., DesJardins, J.R. and MacDonald, C., 2014.Business ethics: Decision making for personal integrity and social responsibility. McGraw-Hill. Hoffman, W.M., Frederick, R.E. and Schwartz, M.S. eds., 2014.Business ethics: Readings and cases in corporate morality. John Wiley Sons. Jackson, T., 2015. 15 Managing managers across cultures: different values, different ethics.Handbook of Research on Managing Managers, p.283. Natale, S.M. and Doran, C., 2012. Marketization of education: An ethical dilemma.Journal of business ethics,105(2), pp.187-196. Noddings, N., 2013.Caring: A relational approach to ethics and moral education. Univ of California Press. Okpara, J.O., 2014. The effects of national culture on managers' attitudes toward business ethics: Implications for organizational change.Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change,10(2), pp.174-189. Peters, R.S., 2015.Ethics and Education (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. Slade, S. and Prinsloo, P., 2013. Learning analytics ethical issues and dilemmas.American Behavioral Scientist,57(10), pp.1510-1529. Weiss, J.W., 2014.Business ethics: A stakeholder and issues management approach. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.a

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Aspects and Principles of Interpersonal Communication

A journal is a document which sheds light into some of the ways that people or human beings may be thinking at some point in time. It offers insights into what one views a given aspect of life at a given point in time. Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Aspects and Principles of Interpersonal Communication specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It may be social, academic, financial or even psychological. In this paper I am going to write my journal based on three areas. These areas include the cognitive area, the affective area and the behavioral aspect. Interpersonal communication is defined as the kind of communication that takes place among persons. It is an important aspect in a human being. During my study I have interacted with several principles of interpersonal communication. The two concepts which have captivated me the most have been as follows. First, interpersonal communication is inescapable this impli es that as a person I cannot live on my own. I need to communicate with the others so that I can be able to belong in this society. In addition, for communication to be effective there is interplay of very many factors which include both verbal and non verbal communication. The second principle is the fact that as a communicator I cannot take back that which I have communicated before. This entails the fact that communication is irreversible. So it is my responsibility to ensure that I am keen as to what I communicate with others. This entails responding to the question of self definition and self description. As a person, I am a student, part time employee, tall, light skinned, outgoing, focused and daring. Based on this I defined self concept as the way I view myself as a person. As a person, I can describe myself as vivacious, daring, timid, outgoing, outspoken, focused, motivated, adventurers, funny and peaceful. These words may not create my accurate self concept because som e of them are rarely come to the fore in the day to day experiences, and some of them are my ideal admirations. Some of the words which I would like to see removed from my list include outspoken and timid. And the words which I would like to see added to my list include courageous and introspective. This is because at times I have found myself at loggerheads with my colleagues simply because I am both timid and at times outspoken. It is like I oscillate. In my opinion, perception is the world view I hold about issues of life. Advertising Looking for assessment on business communication? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In my life, I have had experiences where my perception of the world affecting me either positively or negatively. One instance is when I vocalized that politics is a dirty game based on my world view with regard to politics. Eventually, I ended at loggerheads with my colleagues who held a contrary opinion. This led me to realize that the perception which I held previously had a major impact on how I viewed life in entirety. There are various areas of myself which I would like to improve. This is because I feel that I might have undervalued their importance and at the same time I may have not utilized them as I ought to have utilized them. These areas are assertiveness and negotiation skills. Assertiveness as a skill is a very important aspect of our very being. This is because it enables and empowers us to initiate and arrive at conclusions amicably. As a person, I have found that I have struggled with saying no to people thus I feel the need to be able to stand up for what I believe. Secondly, negotiation as a skill enables people who are in the business field to be able to arrive at some conclusions of subjects which are valuable and important in business while maintaining the necessary business networks. There various people who have been effective in this area who I feel I can learn a great deal from, for example the former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan. I believe that I can be able to learn to apply this person’s behavior in a manner that guarantees progress in my spheres of my life. This assessment on Aspects and Principles of Interpersonal Communication was written and submitted by user Jennifer Velez to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Service Quality Of Kuala Lumpur Public Transports Tourism Essay Essay Example

Service Quality Of Kuala Lumpur Public Transports Tourism Essay Essay Example Service Quality Of Kuala Lumpur Public Transports Tourism Essay Essay Service Quality Of Kuala Lumpur Public Transports Tourism Essay Essay 1.0. Background of the narrative The definition of service quality means client perceptual experience on how good does a service can run into or transcend the outlook ( Czepiel 1990 ) . As for the words public conveyance itself, it is being describes as a vehicle that caters the rider to make a finish and every use of this peculiar public transit will be charge with a lower limit or a particular menus to each rider at the same times. In conveyance, there are a particular word being known as mobility it is normally defined as the ability to travel anything for illustration like people, goods and other populating thing or non living thing from one topographic point to another topographic point and it is measured by the figure of trips made by a individual each twenty-four hours ( Vasconcellos, 2001 ) whereas personal mobility refers to the usage of personal conveyance ; it can be a auto or a bike or others. The term of public is widely used ; this term is non considered as secret or private, the term itself unfas tened to or refering the people as a whole, sharing their really ain common involvement with everybody. Based on Md Aftabuzzaman, Graham Currie, Majid Sarvi, the chief urban public conveyance job is the route traffic congestion and this is one of the ground why people do non exchange to utilizing public conveyance ( Cervero 1991 ; Downs 1992 ) . By holding public conveyance system, efficient public conveyance ( PT ) can be regard as one of the possible solutions that can work out the job of urban route traffic congestion ( Hyman and Mayhew 2002, ; Pucher et Al. 2007 ; Vuchic 1999. The chief public conveyance such as coachs, taxis, trains was provided by the authorities towards the populace s usage. For convenient of people who are remaining in urban and rural countries ( White 2002 ) , authoritiess have provided a better service quality to people to do certain the service they provided are able to fulfill the consumer demands and outlook every bit good as to increase the degree of service quality of public conveyance. In public conveyance, service quality can be focus in term of tangib les, dependability and reactivity ( Parasuraman et. al. , 1985 ) and it has becomes a important issues which is to hold a better and comfy environment. Mostly clients do non fulfill with the physical installations in public conveyance. Cleanliness, comfortableness, frequences, reactivity of the driver and music director of public conveyances are the major issues client ever ailments and disappointed on it. Besides that, buses largely non provided convenience installations such as wheelchair, which is needed for disable individual. However, Malaysia Prime Minister himself dissatisfied with the current issues and jobs after being experienced on utilizing the LRT service. Problems for Light Rail Transit ( LRT ) and Keretanapi Tanah Melayu ( KTM ) are the clip reaching ever holds and non to bury, service likes promptness, frequences of train arrives on clip and insufficient of infinite to transport riders are besides the chief issues that caused congestion occurs ( Utusan 2008 ) . Even though the public transit is modernized and has been updated in urban countries but with the lacking of service quality and well-implemented by the authorities, it will take a negative perceptual experience tot the clients and they wo nt fulfill of utilizing public conveyance service that they provided which are deficient and inefficiency ( Karen Thompson, Peter Schofield 2002 ) . Despite the routing scheduled saying the coach would get on every 15 proceedingss but users has been waiting the half an hr and yet the coach still non ar rives. This is one of the promptness jobs faced by the public coachs in Malaysia ( The Star 2008 ) . Another incident occurred in urban country Kuala Lumpur, which are included LRT train and Rapid KL. The train and coach colliding with each other in 200 metre from Bukit Jalil Station ( The Star 2008 ) . This shows that the safety measuring of public conveyances become worst and action should be taken into consideration. Transit service quality and dependability is indispensable for theodolite riders and it did shown that both factors do impact rider satisfaction well ( Tyrinopoulos, 2008 ) . Furthermore, transit service dependability respect as one of the important factor for commuters to make up ones mind on which types of public transit they prefer to utilize the most ( Benjamin, 1998 ) . Due to inefficiency of system, coachs did non get on clip, going holds, missing of rider seats, therefore, these factors would do rider overloads. Commuters would more preferred to drive their ain vehicles alternatively of utilizing public conveyance to entree to work, diversion, school during the peak service periods. It must be given excess attending on inefficiency system of coachs in order to bettering the dependability towards of riders and commuters. However, service extension would nt be necessary if the rider burden was every bit distributed and coachs were on a regular basis spaced plenty. Harmonizing to Margareta Friman and Markus Felleson, new services of public conveyance are being developed and old services are being improved or upgraded in order to run into the possible and present client s demand. To promote more people to utilize the public conveyance, services should be designed and performed in a manner to run into the degrees of service required by clients ( Beirao and Sarsfield Cabral 2007 ) . In add-on, there are few factors of how clients perceive public conveyance. Factors such as frequence, dependability, travel clip and menu degree ( Hensher et al. 2003, Tyrinopoulos and Aifadopoulou 2008 ) , comfort and cleanliness ( Eboli and Mazzulla 2007, Swanson et Al. 1997 ) , web coverage or distance to halt ( Eriksson et al. 2009, Tyrinopoulos and Antoniou 2008 ) , and safety issues ( Smith and Clarke 2000, Fellesson and Friman 2008 ) are the chief factors for users do non utilize the public conveyance and besides client express their points of position approxim ately services every bit good as to supplying judgement of public conveyance harmonizing to the service quality. Harmonizing to Tew Shi Yi, to heighten the per centum degree of utilizing public transit, they managed to come up with a program which is to offer an effectual, accurate and user-friendly system for users particularly for the citizens of Kuala Lumpur and it so conveying the important benefits to the populace. Laura Eboli and Gabriella Mazzulla, one of the factors act uponing the travel user picks to utilize the public conveyance is the theodolite service quality. Those clients who manage to utilize the theodolite service, they will likely utilize theodolite services once more. In contrast, users may non utilize the theodolite services following clip if they are non capable to utilize it good. However, bettering the service quality is of import for pulling new users. Harmonizing to Che Rosmani Che Hassan, Mahar Diana Hamid, Norazlin Dzulkifly, Noor Zalina Mahmood, coach is one of the chief options of mass transit as it is non merely has better coverage countries such as Light Rail Tra nsit ( LRT ) and commuter train but besides cheaper for public to utilize it. Besides, they found out that bing coach interchanges frequently inadequate to run into the turning demands of clients. There are 1000s of people use the coach interchanges around Kuala Lumpur to make their finish in a twenty-four hours. Such interchanges are Hentian Puduraya, Hentian Duta, Klang Bus Stand and more. Based on research made by the pupil from the University Malaya, the study consequences happens to be true that, the ground why do most of the Malaysian used private autos alternatively of Public Transportation were chiefly, they lack of cognition about the handiness of the public transit around their country. Not familiar on how to utilize the public transit. Although there are several types of public conveyance but yet people instead to drive their ain auto and stuck in the traffic jam for few hours than utilizing with public conveyance that might somehow causes jobs when it is less unannounced. However, authorities has comes up with a program which is to present a new set of traffic direction policy steps to advance the usage of public conveyance. To promote the occupants to utilize the public conveyance, several installations has been provided by the authorities in public conveyance station such as excess parking infinites are added nearby the public conveyance station so that peo ple can park their auto and sit easy, bus bird from coach halt to the train station or add more coach or train frequences in either vicinity or the metropolis country. Ng Choy Peng and Dadang Mohamed MASEOM, private vehicles have led to severe congestion and pollution. Kuala Lumpur foremost started to run the light rail theodolite ( LRT ) in 1996 following by the STAR LRT and PUTRA LRT. These are the two LRT systems that operate in Kuala Lumpur after LRT. It has been found that most of the LRT Stationss in Kuala Lumpur countries provide unequal parking infinite and this is one of the ground public do non exchange to utilizing public conveyance. However, to advance the usage of public conveyance, the local governments recommended bettering the bing coach services like bus lane demands to develop even better and so on. As for the building of the commuter train, it must be well-developed and to do certain light railroad theodolite ( LRT ) is able to provide the demand of occupants from suburban country to urban country. Last but non least, it is besides shown that the public transit today face a really large negative impact from all the consumer and rider that travels around with the public conveyance, this proven a consequence that the public transit has show a batch inefficiency services that provided by each company, hapless connexion from certain finish to a finish itself. 1.2 Research Problem The job sing to this proposal is the client perceptual experience service quality towards public conveyance in Kuala Lumpur. This research is to happen our factors that act uponing clients non to utilize with the public conveyance. Researcher found out that private autos has become the chief pick of traveller s manner of conveyance is because they dissatisfied with the service quality such as dependability, cleanliness and comfortableness, installations, travel menu and clip of the public conveyance. There might hold been frequent ailments from the commuters and riders that the public conveyance did non supply a good service such as going ever delays, deficient rider s seats and others. Most of them deficiency of cognition about the handiness of the public transit around their country. Consumer does non cognize the exact travelling clip and continuance from the beginning to the finish itself and non familiar on how to utilize the public transit. So hence most of them would non take t he hazard into taking public transit as their manner of conveyance. Besides that, they are easy confused on what type of conveyance to utilize to make their finish ; somewhat it is due to there are excessively many picks of public transit to take from in Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, the consumer does non desire to blow clip waiting for the transit with no exact geting clip mundane when they own a private auto where they do non worries anything about the handiness of the auto, the going continuance, and it is far more accessible from clip to clip. 1.3 Research Question What are the factors that affect public non to utilizing public conveyance in Kuala Lumpur? How does the service and demands can be improved? What is the extension degree of the service attributes must be improved in the hereafter? What is the overall satisfaction degree of users to public conveyance? What is the point of service quality that leads to client satisfaction? 1.4 Research Aims The chief intent of the aim for this proposal is to mensurate the user s planetary satisfaction with public conveyance every bit good as to analyze the client perceptual experience of utilizing Kuala Lumpur public conveyance harmonizing to certain factors. The chief point of this research is to happen out what is the degree of outlook perceptual experience of Kuala Lumpur clients about service of public conveyance delivered and what sort of services that affect most of the people do non utilize public conveyance. It is really of import to happen out how does the service and demands can run into the client s satisfaction, any betterment for authorities to keep the public conveyance, factors authorities would take into consideration in make up ones minding to utilize public conveyance more or thrust less in order to promote and advance people, particularly the citizens of Kuala Lumpur to utilize public conveyance services more frequently. Government should update the latest information such as possible paths coverage, going and arrival clip of the public conveyance and travel menu to the user. Suggested path will be giving out to the users to guarantee users utilizing public conveyance in a shortest clip and cheapest manner with a limited budget to make the finish itself. Aims of this research are: To find the ground for public to take to go with private auto but non utilizing public conveyance in Kuala Lumpur. To place the types of service and demands to run into the client s satisfaction. To place the extent spread of between the client s perceptual experience and outlook. To place the best solution to better the service quality of the public transit, like more seats and comfy seats. Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework Basically, the above diagram is the research shows how readers are to find the factors that encourage auto users switch from driving auto to utilizing public transit in Kuala Lumpur more frequently. Factors that can promote the auto users to exchange and utilize the public transit are to upgrade and spread out the service quality of that peculiar transit. For illustration, KTMB need to set in a batch of attempt into upgrading their services, particularly during the peak clip ( working hours ) so that the consumer can entree to it with hassle free. Customer satisfactions are besides an of import facet in the client perceptual experience, in order to do the client satisfied into utilizing the transit are to do certain that comfort are at that place, the warm service are they and handiness are environing the populace conveyance itself. Furthermore are the Reliability of Public Transport, in order to do the public transit a dependable one, the direction of the transit company, must ever upgrading their services and expand their services, so that the consumer can experience dependable towards the peculiar transit. Diagram above is the theoretical account of conceptual model, which is exemplifying the relationship between service and quality development, client satisfaction, reactivity, route handinesss of public conveyance, dependability of public conveyance ( geting on clip ) , and the care from clip to clip to public conveyance. 1.6 Significant of survey This research helps to indentify bing job of what factors encourage auto user s switch to utilize public conveyance which may take to the satisfaction of auto users. Through this research, the authorities has to set its attempt to do an betterment on the public conveyance system such as development of an integrated and efficient public conveyance system. Action should be taken into consideration to upgrade the public conveyance to auto users in order to run into the demands and supply an efficiency services which will give client a broad position of satisfaction particularly focuses on the enlargement of Light Rail Transit ( LRT ) and commuter train services. By making this, it will non merely helpful and utile at this clip and future planning every bit good. The consequence of this research will better the auto user s satisfaction. In the interim, this planning will promote more people to utilize public conveyance. Furthermore, it does helps to indentify extra alterations that can b e done to avoid farther impacts to the current site emphasized in this survey. Scope and Restrictions The range of survey is the public perceptual experience towards Kuala Lumpur public conveyance. Due to the clip restraint, the research worker might non able to garner beginnings of the information from diaries, on-line diaries, farther inside informations, and newspapers. Beside of this, the research worker besides confronting some troubles on the research paper because of the short clip provided on the research procedure. Obviously, it is caused by the deficiency of resource that provided in KDU library and the research worker besides confronting some troubles on acquiring the further inside informations information about public conveyance in Kuala Lumpur with a restriction of resources. It besides caused by the informations that provided in KDU library is non the latest and the informations did nt up to day of the month on a regular basis. Chapter 2 Reappraisal of Related Literature 2.1. Factors act uponing the client perceptual experience service quality towards Public Transport in Kuala Lumpur This reappraisal indicates that efficient public conveyance ( PT ) considered as one of the possible solutions to the job of urban route traffic congestion ( Hyman and Mayhew 2002, ; Pucher et Al. 2007 ; Vuchic 1999 ) .The factors that act uponing the client perceptual experience towards public transit are chiefly because of the times due to the apparently break down and the hold of train all the clip, the client do non desire to take the hazard taking public transit without taking the public transit, it will assist cut down the clip of going and can avoid the malfunction of the public transit all the clip The 2nd factor that influence their perceptual experience are crowded and comfort, due to the public transit are ever crowded, there are some of the client that afraid to take the public transit, ground are because they have to be inside the public conveyance hot and airless, sometimes will occurred instances like sexual torment towards the adult female that travel utilizing the public transit. Not merely that, when it is excessively crowded some of the client unable to bask the seats due to miss of seats and besides when there are excessively many people sometimes it will do sleepiness when non plenty air ventilate in the coach, train or taxi itself. The 3rd factor that influence the client into taking the public transit are the desirable paths are non covered by the public transit, it is merely covers some portion of the metropolis, suburban countries and town but non to most of the topographic points, it is difficult for those client to go utilizing public transit when some of the finish that offers by the populace conveyance itself need transportations and besides necessitate walking. The last factors that influence the client perceptual experience are the infrequent public transit. There are public conveyance that travels follow the clip that set by the system, illustration like KTM there are a board saying that what clip precisely will the train itself will get, but the train ever reach late and neer follow. So as the Monorail and besides the Star LRT which provides the incorrect information of clip all the clip? As for Putra LRT, is the lone rail that shows the right timing due to the, system will update its timing once the trains reach certain finish? Based on Apogee Research ( 1996 ) , there are three chief tools cardinal to the appraisal of public conveyance such as travel demand theoretical accounts, conveyance cost analysis techniques, conveyance study planning and impact spreadsheets and each of the tools will hold their ain benefits and disbenefits. 2.2. Service Quality Surprisingly, few surveies have so far analyzed this relationship. The construct of service quality involved results, satisfaction of the users, and other intangibles of public conveyance outlooks. In add-on, installations and more touchable facet of public conveyances physical elements are besides one of the construct of service quality ( Fodness A ; Murray, 2007 ) . Service quality besides involves the perceptual experience and outlook of the service degree delivered to the user which is meets their demands. Some theoretical accounts have been developed that effort to associate sensed quality dimensions to specific merchandise attributes in the merchandise development literature ( Hauser and Clausing 1988, Nagamachi 1995 ) . Government should increase the capacity of the public transit, the deficiency of seats is what trouble oneselfing the client and why they do non sit on public transit because it is tired to stand all the clip. The service quality of the public conveyance is no n truly executed good. For illustration: The Light Rail Transit ( LRT ) and Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad ( KTMB ) ever delays, deficient infinite to transport more rider seats and this is one of the ground caused the congestion occurred ( Utusan, 2008 ) . Should besides believe of refurbish each and every of the station and Michigans and put in the service which necessary for the convenience of all the client and comfort while waiting for the public conveyance. Not merely that they environment of the public transit are good, but besides the driver, staff and the 1 who work in the service line must possess a good bosom in assisting and helping. Cleanliness and comfy of public conveyance are the chief visual aspects for users. Normally, users will concentrate on the cleanliness of inside, seats, and Windowss of the public conveyance. Therefore, the direction has to do certain the equipment is up to day of the month and in working order every bit good as the waiting countries were suitably furnished, cleaned and good all the times. Employees and staffs of the public conveyance must ever possess with batch of accomplishments and cognition on the service production in order to supply a better services to users. One of the measurings in ser vice quality is the inside of the public conveyance, which is considered as the physical visual aspects ( Parasuraman, et. al. , 1988 ) . 2.3. Dependability of Public Transport Harmonizing to Beimborn et Al. ( 1993 ) , it is of import to supply a model for benefit analysis and described the measuring techniques after reexamining the rule and issue for public conveyance benefit measuring. Reliability is concentrating on frequences and promptness of the populace conveyance which is arrives on clip and able to run into the outlook of the users. It means the ability to execute the promised service which are more faithfully and accurately ( Parasuraman, et. al. , 1988 ) . Reliability of Public Transport is an of import facet, in order to derive the trust and the satisfaction of consumer. The public transit itself must ever understand what the client demand, like be punctual all the clip, do certain that there are no troubles happen, no excessive menus being imposed at the invitee or tourer. When there are a shorter manner to make the finish itself, do nt seek another longer manner to increase the far. Bing honest all the clip, this manner, it will do the client happy and thinks that the public transit is dependable and besides will gives a positive impact to the public perceptual experience and outlook. 2.4 Customer Satisfaction ( Richter et al. 2008a, 2008b ) to run into possible and present clients demands, quality investings that truly raise the sensed service public presentation sing these properties constitute an of import issue. In order to do the client satisfied towards the public transit, the direction must ever update their service and besides their conveyance, so that the rider can bask a comfort and happy drive. Staffs must ever supply an efficiency service to the clients. With a sensible menu, comfort, cleanliness and easy entree to a finish or topographic point through the scheduled, clients will derive the assurance of utilizing public conveyance alternatively of driving their ain vehicle. Passenger takes the public transit due to a batch of ground and the ground that drives them to take it. In order to keep the rider keeps taking the public transit ever do certain that there are no jobs occurred during the drive or before the drive. Try making study to study on the consumer on what can be upgrade and what can they make to do the client more satisfied. 2.5. Responsiveness Harmonizing to ( Parasuraman, et. al. , 1988 ) , another quality of dimension in mensurating service quality is responsiveness. It means the willingness of the staff or employee to assist the clients and to supply a better and prompt service to clients at the same clip. However, the attitude of the driver or staff in public conveyance must be ever possess with a good behaviour. Staff and driver are required to act in niceness and friendly with the clients alternatively of demoing choler or discourtesy to the clients. The manner they speak to the clients and the manner they give client a manus are of import in the service quality of reactivity. In malice of this, it indicates that clients or user perceptual experience and outlook to the service quality in the public conveyance are become more of import and could nt be neglected by the direction. 2.6. Path Handinesss With the demand for public transit is deriving twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the coach operator and rail operator must believe of making new coach paths and besides train paths to allow the client entree to other topographic points which are barely had any transit entree to it. Particularly now the authorities had come out with an thought of constructing public transit for Cheras and besides Kota Damansara rail line. Even though the coach caters largely to all the paths in Klang Valley, whether it is deep inside or outside the boundaries, but there are still some of the route that still haven accessible by the coach and besides other public transit itself. Even though some of the topographic point had already available for public transit but some of it needs interchanges, this will trouble oneself the client for altering or reassign to another station. 2.6. Care From Time to Clock Servicess that are dependent on already-existing, complex systems of substructure and organisational agreements are likely to necessitate a different logic ( cf. de Brentani 1995, 2001 ) . For a better public transit consequences and pull more and more people into taking public transit, what a operating company must make are to do certain that they ever check their conveyance. Make certain that care do from clip to clip to do the train or coach or even taxi interrupt down or holding troubles when there are rider that are utilizing the public transit. Because once the train is holding any troubles job, it will take about an hr or two to repair the jobs. With such sort of job will ever gave the client or rider negative feedback towards the public conveyance. Even though it is non ever the negative feedbacks all the clip but is of import to avoid such thing happen. The company must take excess safeguard. Chapter 3: Research Methodology 3.1. General Methodology Hybrid research attack is the general methodological analysis in this research. The definition of Hybrid research attack is the combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods and these are the two methods research that the research worker used for the proposal. Besides this, it is besides known as a mix of attacks and there are besides some benefits by utilizing this research. The research worker will hold a deeper apprehension and cognition of the consequences when utilizing these two types of method. The efficiencies in clip and cost are besides one of the benefits. Other than that, this research attack allow the research worker to work out the job occurs with the qualitative research. Hybrid research attack can work out the job of unfamiliar to the background of the research. 3.2. Research Design There are two types of methods the research worker used in this research. First, Qualitative method, which is more to observation and besides the informations that collected is fact and unchangeable. The aggregation of the informations will be based on quality and it will be presented in words. The research worker will analyze and construe the information that have been collected through on-line research. Qualitative method is subjective. Due to the perceptual experience of everyone is different from each other. Hence, it is hard to generalise. The research worker will be more understanding by utilizing this method. Quantitative method relies on the research instruments used to roll up and mensurate the information. It is necessary to utilize the quantitative methods in order to understand and grok the nucleus intent of this survey. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be use as the cardinal focal point of the research method. The study techniques that the research worker used for the qualitative method are to the full stand foring it. On the other manus, the research worker are making interview for the qualitative methods. The respondents for the interview will affect Kuala Lumpur frequent public transit user. Interview allows the research worker to garner more information and besides have a better apprehension on the subject. Researcher non merely can acquire information that is non available in literature method by interview the interviewee every bit good as the questionnaire besides can be tailored to run into the different demands of the respondents. As for the questionnaire, it will be semi-structure and more flexible during the interview. 3.3 Beginnings of Datas 3.3.1 Primary Data At foremost, the primary research is done in order to obtain the natural information from the public straight for the research proposal. For the research portion, the research worker will concentrate on the client perceptual experience service quality towards public transit in Kuala Lumpur and the negative thought of people to utilize public conveyance. Meanwhile, the research worker will happen out methods that are utile to advance and promote more people switch to utilize public conveyance particularly auto users. In this research, a study that incorporating 10 simple multiple picks questionnaire and besides an interview will be utilize it to roll up the primary informations. It takes about 5-10 proceedingss to make full in the study questionnaire for each respondent. There are some picks for each of the inquiries and each respondent merely hold to take one of the replies that they preferred the most. Respondents are required to jotting down their ain remarks in the questionnaire signifier that stated with their ain sentiment towards public conveyance in Kuala Lumpur. This research is utile because all the study signifiers will be collected and gathered by the research worker one time they have done. Besides that, an interview will be carry oning around the Kuala Lumpur City Centre and the group that the research worker targeted would be the all centric and mid-centric. Primary Data is besides collected for this research by questioning the Kuala Lumpur frequent public transit users. The definition of the public transit user will be the Malayan users that use the populace conveyance about every twenty-four hours. Through the interview, they can supply a better thought and personal position which can assist the research worker to derive more information while making the proposal. The interview would affect inquiries asked by the researcher one-on-one to a topic sing the client perc eptual experience towards public conveyance and besides to ask for their sentiment what types of the demand can run into the satisfaction of public transit users. The targeted group of the populace for this interview would be college pupils selected indiscriminately. The research worker will roll up and analyse the information from the interview and utilize it to back up the consequence of quantitative informations. 3.3.2 Secondary Data Besides utilizing the primary researches, secondary researches are used widely in this study by the research worker excessively. Secondary informations defined as the information that acceptable by most of the research workers and the informations will decidedly published in the populace by other research workers. Normally, secondary informations can be easy found on web sites, diary, articles, books, text editions, magazines, and besides some other on-line resources. However, the chief secondary resources that the research worker used in this study are journal and electronic beginnings. The research worker gets the diary from the college library and on-line research every bit good. The research worker will more preferred to roll up the secondary informations that published within few old ages clip. It is because the information that published within few old ages clip is considered as the latest info for the research worker itself and the latest info will assist the research worker t o hold a better analysis and account. Respondents In order to acquiring the sentiment of public perceptual experience towards public transit, an interview is designed to aim the Kuala Lumpur frequent public transit users. The research worker has interviewed two frequent public transit users which are Mr. Alice, Part Time Accountant and Mr. Alex, Operations Manager. They are the people who frequent use public transit more than four times a twenty-four hours. Besides that, they are able to supply the information such as the perceptual experience of client satisfaction, service quality and the handinesss towards the public conveyance conditions is good plenty. The questionnaire studies will be conducted merely for Kuala Lumpur frequent public conveyance users. Journal and website mentions Lee Vien Leong, Jen Sim Ho and Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah. Preference of Travelers for Sustainable Transportation Planning Objectives in Klang Valley, Malaysia. School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia. hypertext transfer protocol: //eprints.usm.my/13606/1/preference_of_travellers.pdf Tew Shi Yi, 11 November 2009. Journey Planner for Public Transport In Kuala Lumpur. University Malaya Kuala Lumpur hypertext transfer protocol: //dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1812/874/Chapter % 201 % 20Introduction.pdf? sequence=1 Md Aftabuzzaman, Graham Currie and Majid Sarvi, Monash University. Measuring the Congestion Relief Impacts of Public Transport in Monetary Footings, Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2010 AÂ © Center for Urban Transportation Research hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nctr.usf.edu/jpt/pdf/JPT13-1Aftabuzzaman.pdf Margareta Friman and Markus Fellesson Karlstad University, Sweden. Service Supply and Customer Satisfaction in Public Transportation. Journal of Public Transportation, Vol. 12, No.4, 2009 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nctr.usf.edu/jpt/pdf/JPT12-4Friman.pdf Abdul-Rashid and Abdul-Aziz 2006. Denationalization of Fixed-rail theodolite systems: a instance survey of Malaysia s STAR and PUTRA. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 33 ( 7 ) 2006 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thefreelibrary.com/Privatisation+of+fixed-rail+transit+systems % 3A+a+case+study+of -a0152179851 Dr.Lawrence Tseu, State Planning Unit, Chief Minister s Office, Sarawak, Urban Transport Growth: The Challenges Ahead-The New Realism And Institutional Changes, 2006 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sabah.gov.my/jpas/news/Conv06/Papers/Pap8_SPU.pdf Mold of Transportation Behavior In Kuala Lumpur hypertext transfer protocol: //dspace.fsktm.um.edu.my/bitstream/1812/859/2/wek060048_Chapter % 202 % 20Literature % 20Review.pdf Bettering Infrastructure, Utilities and urban transit hypertext transfer protocol: //www.epu.gov.my/html/themes/epu/html/rm9/english/Chapter18.pdf Choy Peng Ng and Dagang Mohamad Masome, Civil Engineering Department, The Development of Model Estimation To Determine Parking Needs At LRT Stations in Suburban Area, Journal Vol.5, pp. 877-890, 2005 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.easts.info/on-line/proceedings_05/877.pdf Zaherawati Zakaria, Zaliha Hi Hussin, Mohamed Fajil Abdul Batau and Zuriawati Zakaria. 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Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Vol.4, No. 1 ( 2009 ) 47-56 AÂ © School of Engineering, Taylor s University College hypertext transfer protocol: //jestec.taylors.edu.my/Vol % 204 % 20Issue % 201 % 20March % 2009/Vol_4_1_47-56_Rosmani.pdf Leong Lee Vien, Younes Bagheri and Ahmad Farhan Bin Mohd Sadullah. Analysis of Headways on Passenger Loads for Public Services: Case Study of Penang Island, Malaysia. School of Civil Engineering Universiti Sains Malaysia. European Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-216X Vol.45 No.3 ( 2010 ) , pp.476-483 AÂ © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.eurojournals.com/ejsr_45_3_14.pdf Anzmac 2009. The Examination of the Consumer Satisfaction in the Urban Public Transport. Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary hypertext transfer protocol: //www.duplication.net.au/ANZMAC09/papers/ANZMAC2009-413.pdf Laura Eboli and Gabriella Mazzulla, University of Calabria, Italy. 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( Boston: McGraw-Hill, c2001. ) Urban transit planning. ( xiv, 642 p. : ill. ; 24 centimeter. ) Page, Stephen. ( Harlow, England: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005 ) Conveyance and touristry: ( xxiv, 450 p. : ill. , maps ; 24 centimeter. )

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Higher Education and a Knowledge Based Economy Essay

Higher Education and a Knowledge Based Economy - Essay Example Of course all this would have implications for the area of higher education and this area has been discussed in depth by many academics like Nonaka, 1991 and Wiig, 1993.Knowledge is "power" and a key business asset and this will no doubt lead to an increased demand for education and training of the modern individuals .For the purposes of this paper I would present knowledge to be not only a member of the "steadily increasing" corporate assets (which amongst others are patients ,goodwill and brand identity etc) but also as "meaningful information; or the understanding, awareness, familiarity acquired through study, investigation, observation or experience over the course of time (citing Zelner , 2000)".(Psarras 2006).Basically then in the context of higher education it becomes an " individual's interpretation of information based on personal experiences, skills and competencies" (Psarras 2006). The impact on higher education of the knowledge based economy thus requires the need for instilling the culture of effective Knowledge management into the learning and education as a whole. ... The Educational criteria thus has to match the firm's knowledge needs and this has led to a growing appreciation for occupationally acquired knowledge to mere academic qualifications devoid of any practical experience. Thus Higher education will have to be focused upon developing this specific knowledge as required by the modern corporate firms competing for survival in the economy. Thus the aim is no longer knowledge delivery and there is a heightened focus upon strategic information and knowledge management by the labour force to achieve business goals efficiently through proper utilisation of the knowledge.This trend has been prevalent since the decade of the eighties where as according to Cooke and Cooke (1998) there has been growth of what is called "learner centred knowledge and action learning, a growing significance of work-related learning and the recognition of work and work experience as a key source of learning" (Psarras 2006 citing Cooke and Cooke 1998).Finally the adven t of information technology has made the need to revolutionise teaching and learning methodologies more than ever. In conclusion the future belongs to those who can understand the need to make continuous learning and modern education and training for the modern work force. Thus it is a challenging time for universities to be aware of the transitions in their roles as knowledge providers and provide flexible, innovative and research intensive learning. Further more there is a need for Curricula that reflects the reestablishment of the link of learning with experience with a more environmentally responsive curriculum which addresses the real issues that happen in a real world.